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Supply to save lives

28th April 2020 - 0 comments

Governments and charities across the world are urging businesses in the science sector to sell/donate any personal protective equipment (PPE) and either full or separate components to make up diagnostic kits.

PPE’s include things like facemasks, gloves and hand sanitizers whereas testing kits include specific swabs, sample vials and storage/biohazard re-packaging.

Since many research projects are currently on hold due to the lockdown, labs that have any spare PPE’s or testing kits are kindly asked to provide these to help staff working on the frontlines. This will be a collaborative effort against the global healthcare crisis.

If you are based in the UK and have any supplies that you can give to those in need, visit the National Equipment Appeal Database (NEAD) website or directly email the UK government here. For those based in the US, visit the website #GetUsPPE which explains how and where to donate from whichever state you are in.

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