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Video and rich content development

The competition for our attention has never been so fierce. Video and other forms of rich content can help give you an edge when it comes to stimulating engagement in a crowded media space.

Rich content provides an interactive touchpoint that is often used to distil detailed information and concepts into more easily digestible formats, or as a gateway to further content, driving traffic through the sales funnel.

In life science marketing and healthcare marketing, long-form written content is still a key component in engagement and conversion. But in a competitive media landscape, rich content can provide some extra pulling power. A comprehensive marketing communications strategy delivers the right content to the right audience at the right time. That’s why the perfect combination of impactful, engaging rich content, and long-form, technical content, available at appropriate touchpoints on the customer journey, will increase traffic and maximise conversions.

Alto can develop rich content that will help ensure your technical data gets the attention it deserves. For example, you may have a ground-breaking whitepaper that almost guarantees conversion and you want to make sure it’s seen. By providing a video summary of the whitepaper you could boost engagement and increase traffic.

If you’re working with a limited budget, that needn’t be a roadblock. We’re always thinking of innovative ways to develop stand-out content on a budget. Check out our blog – 5 rich content “easy wins” to see some examples, or contact us today to discuss cost-effective methods for boosting engagement.

Video recording and editing

Video content is one of the most powerful conversion tools at your disposal and essential for any organisation with a digital presence. We can help with all aspects of video production, from planning and recording through to editing and publishing.


The beauty of animation is its flexibility. Whatever your message, objective or budget, there’s a form of animation to suit your needs. If you have a new product to launch, a 3D animated demo makes an amazing virtual sales tool. Or, with a more modest budget, animating key messaging and product images can breathe new life into existing content.

Infographic design

A well-designed infographic will communicate your technical data in a way that’s attractive, memorable and easy to digest. At Alto we have a wealth of experience developing infographics of all shapes and sizes, from larger in-depth sales aids to compact pieces, ideal for social media.

Audio/podcast recording

Audio content has seen a resurgence in recent years with podcasts and audiobooks becoming increasingly popular. It’s a format that lends itself well to long-form content as it allows us to combine listening with other tasks, fitting well around our busy lives. As such, it’s perfect for scientific marketing content that your audience can consume on the go.


Our PhD qualified writing team specialize in developing copy for all forms of scientific marketing content. Whether it’s preparing a script for a video or audio piece, writing questions for an interview, or developing a storyboard for an animation, we have the expertise to create messaging that is both engaging and technically sound.


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  • “Always providing fresh ideas, Alto’s relationships with the media has gotten the IDT name out where it wouldn’t have been possible without them…and their service and response time is stellar.”

    Marketing Communications Manager, IDT Inc
  • “Alto has shown proven ability to provide high-quality work to demanding timelines with true enthusiasm. They are a pleasure to work with and are committed to understanding our needs and delivering results.”

    Director of Communications, Oxford Gene Technology
  • “We’ve been really impressed with both the coverage they’ve helped us to secure, their excellent ideas, communication and the overall care they take with our brand. I would whole-heartedly recommend Alto to anybody looking for a PR partner in this industry.”

    Marketing Manager, Fluidic Analytics
  • “My goodness they are a great resource for me. Professional, experienced and plain old good. Enthusiastic and happy customer of Alto Marketing.”

    Global Market Development Director, Advanced Cell Diagnostics Inc
  • “It has been a pleasure to work with Alto’s digital marketing experts over the last 4 years. Their knowledge and expertise of how Google Ads can best be utilised by Life Science companies has really helped us develop the quantity, and more importantly the quality, of our Google Ads leads.”

    Digital Marketing Manager, Oxford Gene Technology
  • “Alto provides EKF with global PR, digital media planning/buying and campaign management. Their understanding of the global media, both digital and print, has allowed us to target our customers regionally throughout Europe, the US and South America. Our products can be complex but Alto’s clinical and scientific knowledge enables them to produce easily digestible PR materials. Alto are always available, and able to perform quick turnarounds.”

    Marketing Communications Manager, EKF Diagnostics
  • “Alto are always on hand to offer fast, friendly and industry-appropriate advice. From content creation to scientific PR they help with strategy, messaging, creative ideas, are always on time and always available. I can’t recommend Alto highly enough for the best industry knowledge and easiest team to work with.”

    Content Marketing Manager, Aptamer Group
  • “Alto Marketing is almost part of our company; an enthusiastic, innovative and industrious communications resource that has enabled us to reach out to our prospective clients, raise our profile and drive enquiries, worldwide.”

    Sales and Marketing Director, Innovnano

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