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Google’s partnership with Reddit

1st March 2024 - Last modified 4th March 2024

Many of us will be familiar with Reddit. Even more of us should be familiar with Google.

You might have noticed Reddit posts are increasingly present on Google search results. Search for practically anything with “Reddit” tagged onto the end – You’ll see it’s a goldmine of user-generated data.

And Reddit knows the value of its data. It closed its API last year (to much chagrin) in a shrewd move as it was gearing up for an IPO.

Then, with rumours and leaks abounding, a few days ago Google announced an expanded partnership with Reddit. It was light on details, but is rumoured to be worth $60 million/year.

Google will now have access to Reddit’s Data API to train its AI models and use Reddit’s content more widely across its platforms.

What does that mean for us?

There are plenty of possibilities, especially after Reddit’s IPO.

• With Google’s Gemini AI now having real-time access to a vast amount of user-generated information from Reddit, if it hasn’t caught up to the likes of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it will have soon.

• We’ll almost certainly start to see Gemini AI deliver its interpretation of Reddit content and answers in rich search results.

• And it’s likely that Reddit content or influence will become more visible in Google’s products and services (Gemini AI is being integrated into Gmail, Docs, and other Google services).

Does this mean we should all start developing content for Reddit? How might Reddit’s service and promotional options change with shareholders to keep satisfied? What does it all mean for organic web traffic?

Time will tell.

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