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Twitter business basics

15th September 2020 - 0 comments

Twitter has fast become one of the leading social media channels used by the scientific and medical communities. It offers a fast and cost-effective method to build a relationship with your business’ audiences. Clinicians and scientists use Twitter to follow the latest research and relevant trends. It allows them to directly comment and share links to appropriate information and other supporting research. It is an effective platform to share scientific information to a wide audience and develop your own dedicated following.

Running an efficient Twitter account does take planning. Most Tweets are written in advance to ensure continuity and consistency, and allow time for the required approvals to be gained. Planning also ensures the right mix of awareness and engagement orientated content. There should also be some capacity to react to key events and breaking news. Twitter provides some excellent resources to give you food for thought with your content planning.

It also offers good advice on what types of content are best employed for optimum engagement, how best to deploy hashtags and monitor relevant trending topics.

See the link below for some useful themes, content guides and basic planning ideas to get you started.

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