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5 rich content “easy wins”

8th July 2021 - Last modified 19th July 2021 - 0 comments

Rich content captures attention and encourages engagement. It’s pretty much an essential part of any digital marketing communications campaign. In life science marketing and healthcare marketing, rich content can provide the perfect gateway to more in-depth, written content.

And creating rich content doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive as this blog demonstrates, with 5 easy wins for rich content generation that won’t break the bank.

Talking head videos



Recorded presentation


1. Talking head videos

We begin with this talking head video about…talking head videos!

2. Animation

It’s never been easier to make your own animation…

Our animation was created using Adobe After Effects but simpler template-based platforms include Vyond, Animatron, Animaker and many more. YouTube and Vimeo also offer tools for simple animation of text and images. Of course, if you’re looking for a comprehensive, bespoke solution then these free tools probably won’t be sufficient and you would require professional animation services. 

3. Audio

Next up we’re looking at (or listening to) audio content! Podcasts and other audio content are bigger than ever. This trend has created new opportunities for marketers, as our Client Strategy Director, Andrew Fellows explains…

4. Recorded presentations

Using screen recording software to record presentations directly on your computer is a really simple way to develop video content that almost anyone can do. Just watch this recorded presentation to find out more!

5. Infographics

While it could be argued that infographics aren’t necessarily “rich” content, they do perform the same essential function; making your marketing message more attractive and engaging.


While this blog highlights some of the more straightforward options, we provide rich content development services for projects with varying degrees of complexity. Combining creativity and digital marketing communications expertise with comprehensive scientific understanding, we develop rich content that’s engaging, impactful and accurate.

Of course, rich content development is just one of many content development services provided by Alto. Our PhD qualified writing team specialize in developing all forms of scientific marketing content. Contact us today to find out more about our full range of content development services.

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