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How far can your content reach? – Alto Marketing

19th August 2020 - Last modified 17th November 2020 - 0 comments

How far can your content reach? – Alto Marketing


A case study of a case study…

We interviewed one of our client’s customers and from this wrote a case study demonstrating the good results that the customer achieved using our client’s product. This article was hosted on the clients’ website and we then wrote and distributed a press release giving a “taster” of the case study. This was picked up in the trade media, generating interest as well as building links and driving web traffic back to the case study hosted on the client’s website. Although our client chose not to, ‘gating’ such content by asking visitors to provide e.g. name and email address before downloading the case study lets you capture these targeted leads and follow-up with further information.

We subsequently repurposed the case study content for five different regions- and subject-specific trade publications (print and online), each time producing an in-depth original article that promoted our client while providing real value for the reader.

So just how many people did we reach with this activity? Just by repurposing the content into these five original articles and distributing the press release, we managed to create nearly 900,000 Opportunities to See (OTS) for the case study across the various publications and portals. While only a proportion of these people would read the piece, it’s a good indicator of how far we are able to extend the reach of just one customer story.

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