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What can the white paper do for you?

30th June 2016 - Last modified 20th March 2018 - 0 comments

What can the white paper do for you?

Written by Isabel Goodhand.

A white paper well-written is worth its weight in gold. By providing the reader with valuable and objective information, this marketing tool is ideally placed to help your company nudge a potential customer in the right direction.

But gathering and conveying valuable information is where the challenge lies, and the aim of a white paper is vulnerable to misinterpretation. In fact, we see it all too often, with glorified brochures or technical data sheets labelled as white papers. The outcome is a dry, dull document that fails to engage the reader – wasting both an opportunity and resources.

IG 14Jun16 white paper guide
Understanding the white paper

The objective

The key aim of the white paper is to educate the reader, thereby helping them solve a problem (… coincidentally, with your product or service).

Readers should first be reminded about the significance of the problem they face, and why this must be solved. Following on from this, an objective discussion should cover the ways in which the problem can be solved, including alternative approaches if relevant.

Most importantly for you, the reader should be tacitly led to realise that your company offers the ideal solution to solve the problem at hand.

Top tips

• Build the story around your unique selling point, and reiterate its value throughout.

• Products come last – this is not a brochure. However, displaying data acquired with relevant products adds value, and a short product summary on the last page provides optional information without disrupting the story.

• Quantify performance. Concrete facts and figures relating to benefits speak louder than vague descriptions and adjectives, but don’t go overboard.

• Remember your audience, and style the piece at their level.

• Include images to make a visually appealing document.

Needless to say, constructing content that captures the imagination and holds value as a truly influential tool can require a considerable amount of time and effort. And that’s where we can help you out. We know exactly how to engage and convince your prospects, and you know your business better than anyone. Working together, we can generate a powerful white paper that works for you far into the future – think event distributions, sales meetings, online promo, trade media content…

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Written by Isabel Goodhand – Senior Science Writer

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