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How to use Tagxedo for creating interesting graphics

Tagxedo is a very powerful tool for creating word clouds, but it can be a little confusing to use at first!

Therefore, if you want a simple word cloud for checking SEO, we recommend using Wordle. But if you want to create some really interesting graphics using word clouds, say for a PowerPoint presentation or marketing campaign, then Tagxedo is the tool to choose.

Alto Wordle

5 potential uses for Tagxedo:

  1. Recreate your company’s logo using the keywords relevant to your business (we’ve recreated the Alto Marketing logo using the phrases that are key to our business)
  2. Create interesting title slides for your PowerPoint presentations
  3. Describe the benefits of your product using a word cloud in the shape of the product
  4. Graphically represent customer testimonies in the shape of a person or product
  5. Use stylised word clouds on your business cards to help them stand out

For more great ideas for using word clouds, download ‘101 way to use Tagxedo’ from the Tagxedo website.


Making a word cloud in a shape of your choice using Tagxedo

This tool has too many uses for us to describe them all in full here, so we recommend having a play with it and see what you can come up with. To get you started, this is how we made our Alto Marketing logo… and it only took us five minutes!

Open the Tagxedo creation interface

Enter your text by clinking on ‘Load’ in the ‘Words’ menu. You can upload a file, submit a webpage url address or paste your chosen text into the box

TIP: as the aim here is not SEO analysis, you can use this to deliberately specify the words you want to appear, as well as how large they should be. You can repeat words over and over again to give them extra significance, or ‘modify’ them with special phrasing using a colon:

i.e. hello, hello, hello, hello, hello is the same as writing hello:5

Define the shape of your word cloud by uploading an image of your choice or choosing from the available templates

Click on the arrow head next to ‘Shape’ in the ‘Options’ menu, and select a template, or click ‘Add image’ on the bottom left to upload your image

Format your layout by using the options in the ‘Word/Layout options’ dialogue – here you can adjust word emphasis, ‘stemming’ options (combine similar words such as work, working, worked, works) and more.

Customise colours, font etc using the ‘Respin’ panel on the right.

Save your work by clicking the relevant tab. We recommend a 16mp image, as this has the highest possible resolution – after all, you can always reduce the resolution later if you want (but resolution cannot be ‘improved’ after it is lost)

Now put your word cloud on your website, business cards, company t-shirts… wherever you want to make an impact!